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DETECT potential infection

INTERCEPT and break the chain of transmission

PROTECT public spaces

How does it work?

VISIONSENSE’s smart, AI-driven face recognition and thermal detection system automatically screens individuals using fast, accurate, noninvasive and non-touch technologies and delivers real-time alerts to relevant decision makers.

Facial Recognition Access Control

Facial Recognition Access Control

Advanced face recognition
capabilities for quick (< 500ms)
and secure indentification

Non-touch Temperature Measurement

Non-touch Temperature Measurement

Automatically measures (distance < 2m)
body temperature. Highly accurate (± 0.3 °)
noninvasive device

Real-Time Alert

Real-Time Alert

Automatic delivery of alerts and
notifications to relevant decision-makers

VISIONSENSE uses a high-precision infrared
temperature sensor to identify potentially
infected individuals; instant alerts enable
decision-makers to take immediate action
to break the chain of transmission.
The system’s face recognition capabilities
allow better access control and employee
management all year round, and not only in
crisis or emergency situations.

Detect. Intercept. Protect.

infrared temperature sensor to identify potentially infected individuals

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