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End to End Teleoperation Solutions

VISIONLAB’s end-to-end solution serves a wide range of needs in the military, construction, and mining industries, and can also be integrated into robot or drone systems. Our hardware, software and digital management system can be tailored to suit specific client needs.

VISIONLAB’s solution consist of 3 components:


  • REALVIEW360:  360° stereoscopic vision enhanced with real-time data generated from high-grade sensors and cameras.

  • IoTDASHBOARD:  A cloud−based management tool that enables remote monitoring of all connected vehicles and machines.

  • GCSControl Series: Verity of ground control systems.  


VISIONLAB's Teleoperation solutions are
low maintenance and easily installed and operated.

Realview360 diagram

Ground Control Station (GCS) - ground-based dedicated hardware with embedded proprietary teleoperation software to monitor and operate industrial vehicles, robots and machines



REALVIEW360 merges live video streams from cameras installed on a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and generates a 360-degree stereoscopic visual display that can be routed to a control unit if necessary. 


Critical information, collected from sensors, is also integrated into these real-time video overlays, improving operation accuracy and safety. REALVIEW360 augments natural perception and eliminates blind spots.



  • Augments the operator’s natural perception and eliminates blind spots

  • Enables simultaneous operation of more than one vehicle / machine by a single operator

  • Supports a variety of connectivity technologies, sensors and cameras

  • Analyzes data to display real-time overlays, improving the operator’s performance

Various ground control systems for operation of industrial vehicles, machines  and drones



Support various wireless connectivity options

 5G/4G/Cellular ● Unlicensed 5Ghz / 2.4Ghz   MESH



Collect environmental data, location and video from different type of sensors

Cameras  GPS  LiDAR  IMU



VISIONLAB provides a cloud-based IoT dashboard that enables effective monitoring and management of all remote vehicles and devices. The dashboard displays real-time data and analytics, generates reports and delivers alerts enabling informed decision-making and immediate response.


View and control options, as well as alerts and reports, can be defined and customized to meet specific needs.


VISIONLAB’s IoT dashboard is a 
flexible, grow-as-you-go management solution.

IoT monitoring
IoT alerts


Monitors the system and tracks operations to increase safety and enable better planning and more efficient management. Collects and organizes all relevant operational data in real-time, from status, usage, system health, maintenance issues, safety and energy consumption.


Delivers customized, real-time safety and operational alerts on potential hazards or system malfunctions to allow operators to respond and resolve problems immediately, minimizing risk and down time.

IoT reports


Generates customizable reports to meet specific needs, allowing trend analysis, strategic planning, and implementation of changes to ensure maximum system efficiency and productivity. 



The Ground Control System is a controller with user interface which provides an intuitive replica of the field, allowing operators to remotely control all vehicles and devices, and carry out tasks as efficiently as if they were on the ground, while remaining far away from toxic gases, extreme temperatures, physical hazards and life-threatening situations. 

gcs terminal

Portable remote control unit with an integrated display, joysticks and connectivity

gcs vr

3D visual enabling to remotely control small robots 

gcs cockpit

Fully functional operation station features the same controls as an operator's cabin 

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