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Our Story

VisionLab was founded in 2010 with the goal of making advanced technologies in fields such as image processing, communications, AI and IoT accessible to industry. In VisionLab, we utilize state of the art technologies to provide easy-to-use solutions that require no technical knowhow or specialist expertise to operate.

With vast experience and a deep understanding of emerging smart video technologies, VisionLab delivers holistic, customized systems for use in applications such as industrial remote Teleoperations, remote monitoring for media production and IoT video solutions.

Engaging with customers in a range of sectors to understand their unique challenges, our team of professional visionaries offers the benefit of their proven track record as they define, design and develop cutting-edge, end-to-end system solutions, that are tailored to answer the unique needs of specific industries.

VisionLab’s advanced video-based Teleoperation solutions are safe and reliable, efficient and cost effective, enable decision making driven by visual insights.

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